What do you do with the little wall space you have?

Remember how I preach “there is art all around you” and “even if your not Picasso, YOU are CREATIVE?!’’. Well I meant what I said. I’m not not an Art Teacher nor do I don’t carry an easel and canvas around, but am I creative? Well, yes, I am. Does that reflect around my house? Yes, it actually does ,but I don’t believe for one minute that if you aren’t the creative type, that you too, can’t reflect that spark of “art” in your heart. In fact, I’ll show you how.

In my house, there is this little area in the between the kitchen and the living room that is rather odd. We put a table there so  that you can eat and watch TV. Thank goodness the table fit like a charm. I wrote a about the table and how unfortunately, I kept it in it’s hideous state for far too long before I decided to paint it.  You can see this small area here and read about the table redo HERE.


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Upscale Target Vase

Have you noticed the display areas at Target lately? They have this whole furnished area right smack in the middle of the store on your way to go get toilet paper. The bad thing is, as you pass this glorious area, and realize your home just doesn’t quite look up to par anymore. Which then means you do one of two things: (a) salivate at what your home should look like and can’t because you can only afford the TP you currently hold in your hands, or (b) you come out spending $200 which includes the toilet paper you needed and home decor you didn’t.
Or if you’re like me, you see something you LOVE and decide you can make a knock off for next to nothing, which is what I did with my vase.I didn’t quite see something that resembled this but I did however see plenty of vases to plant succulents that ranged anywhere from $10 – $30.

Knowing I could find a cute, cheap alternative, I headed to the arts and crafts section Target now has and found this cute wooden pot.


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New Year, New Site

A few weeks ago at church my pastor said something that resonated with me and it was that “ a dream with out God is just a wish”. You know I’ve had my blog for a few years now and I think in the back of my mind, I’ve always seen it as a catalyst for money making of some kind. I’d say for certain that I’m a very creative person and if I could have wished upon a star, it would have been to have my own business using my creativity. That said, it’s not the world I live in and the wish I had was simply that, a wish.

I’ve read back on posts I’ve created and it amazes me to see the differences in myself over the years. One of which is that each year I created goals or resolutions for myself and the one that sticks out that never came through is how this blog never really took off like I hoped (or wished) it would. And year after year, it became harder to see the goal I’d created for myself turn into more of an unreachable dream than an actual reality. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I gave up on the dream altogether and only blogged for fun and that seemed to help.

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